10 Times Self Storage Made It On To the Big Screen

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It is no surprise that self storage facilities make their way onto our tv screens relatively frequently. They are in the backgrounds of tv shows and movies. Most commonly, though, they appear in crime shows! Because of that they have a sense of mystique and danger. Let’s look at 10 shows and movies that have featured Self Storage facilities.

  1. Breaking Bad- Season 5, Episode 8- After Skyler comes to the realization that she cannot possibly launder the insane amount of money that Walter is bringing in without raising suspicion, she does what any criminal would do. Rent a self storage unit.
  2. Storage Wars- What list about storage on tv would be complete without mentioning this. Perhaps one of the most popular shows that helped to put self storage on the map in a brighter light. This “reality” tv show shows the excitement that can come when someone decides to abandon their unit and their things then go up for auction.
  3. Dexter- Season 5, Episode 3- When Dexter begins to suspect Walter Kenny as being the “tooth fairy” serial killer, he follows the man to his storage unit, where inside he finds all the creepy evidence he needs to prove it.
  4. Self Storage (2013)- Filmed in Providence, RI, this horror film follows Jake, the night security guard, Jake, who decides to party of the lot. Things take a quick turn for the worse when they realize that they are not the only ones looking to have a fun night.
  5. Self Storage (2010-2011)- A web series showing the biggest rule of self storage being broken, using a unit as a solution for homelessness.
  6. Homeland- Season 1, Episode 8– A former POW uses his unit to engage in shady activities while being hunted by the CIA.
  7. Project Runway- Season 13, Episode 11- It’s not all scary or illegal! In this episode, designers are challenged to create a garment out of the contents of whichever unit the purchase.
  8. Fringe- Season 1, Episode 1- In this sci-fi drama, FBI agent Olivia Dunham and her partner/lover are tracking down a biochem lab which is found….you guessed it, in a self storage unit. That’s about the only “expected” thing to happen in this show!
  9. Fargo- Meet Ruby Goldfarb, who is known as the “storage queen” since she made a killing form self storage
  10. Good Girls- Season 2, Episode 3- “Bad boy” Rio gives “good girl” Beth keys to the kingdom so to speak after she gains his approval. She goes on to use that storage unit while she moonlights as a picture perfect mom during they day and as a criminal by night.

There you have it, 10 popular times that self storage has been featured in the big time. What can we take away from this list? That your establishment, a good percentage of the time, has a negative connotation attached to it. There are things you can do, though, to ensure that none of the negative things happen within your facility, though. Take proper security precautions, have a good relationship with your tenants, and keep your facility in good shape!

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