5 Convincing Reasons to Invest in Self Storage

If you’re looking to break out of the minutia of a normal nine-to-five job, we can’t blame you. There’s not much fun to be had sitting in an office nine hours a day, five days a week. This work modality no longer represents the American Dream, so learn to invest in self-storage.

However, starting your own business is risky. Nearly 50% of small businesses fail within the first five years. So what’s the solution?

What industry or business can you invest in that provides flexibility, security, and potential? We’ve got three words for you – self-storage facilities.

Keep reading for the top reasons you should invest in self-storage.

1. Low Maintenance

In order to experience freedom from the typical 40 to 60-hour workweek, you need to invest in a business that requires little maintenance. While any startup requires work up front, investing in self-storage units will provide flexibility in the future.

If it’s a big storage business, you can hire people to run it for you. If it’s small and you don’t want employees, you can make it “by appointment only.” This way, you won’t have to spend every waking hour at work.

2. Low Risk

If you choose to invest in self-storage, you should also take comfort in the fact that it’s a low-risk business opportunity. You’re not a luxury service like personal trainers and dog groomers. Your business security doesn’t depend on the current economic climate.

People will always need extra room for storage. Even people downsizing into smaller homes to save money will make sure they can afford your services. They’d rather pay a monthly expense for storage than say goodbye to treasured keepsakes and other things they no longer have room for.

3. High Return on Investment

Why invest in self-storage? Because of the high return on your investment. Look at it like investing in property but being able to rent to dozens, if not hundreds of renters at once.

Assuming you know how to market your storage facility, you should quickly be able to make an income while paying off your business loan and covering the costs of day-to-day operations.

4. High Demand

We mentioned earlier that investing in self-storage units provides financial security because some people need your services. However, even if people don’t need you, your storage units will still be in high demand.

We are a society with active spending habits. Nearly 80% of American workers live paycheck to paycheck because they’re always buying more stuff. While this isn’t a flattering image, it places your services in high demand.

As long as people continue to shop and over-fill their homes, your business will be profitable.

5. Investment Options

Finally, if you choose to invest in self-storage, you have a lot of options and opportunities. Some self-storage facilities contain hundreds of individual units for high-end investments. However, if you want to start smaller to test the waters of the industry, you can try investing in a self-storage business with fewer units.

Self-storage opportunities exist on all scales and in most communities.

Do You Want to Invest in Self-Storage?

Are you ready to invest in self-storage? If so, we can help. We specialize in helping people like you take advantage of incredible investment opportunities.

We want you to make the most informed decision that will benefit you for years to come. Check out our self-storage starter course to learn how to find the best locations, how to finance your business, and much more.  2

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