Ask Scott: Shipping Container Facility

Commercial Real Estate Investing

“Does anyone have any experience with shipping container storage facilities? I’m looking for container suppliers.  Planning to start with a few 10 x 20 containers and see how it goes.  Anyone with experience who’s brain I can pick.
We are looking to diversify from Buy and Hold RE.”


The Shipping Containers that we recommend is www.Shipped.comMarketplace. (Drop the “friends of Scott” name.)

Other options would be:, or…

Bos Containers USA – these are portable steel storage containers with interlocking assembly (requires assembly but should be easier to ship and less expensive), or…

Miller Building Systems

Please note that you can also look on ebay, classifieds, etc. And USED Pack Rat, PODS, etc. are another option.

Search the internet on your own and find out others and then use this as a comparison for price-checking, quantity discounts, etc. There’s typically going to be two prices – one for the container and the other for the delivery which certainly may play a part depending on the scale & logistics.

I hope this helps.


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