Boosting Revenue with Moving Truck Rentals – Part 3

Investing in Commercial Real Estate

So we have coved the things that should be considered in deciding whether you want to be a dealer or an owner and what things you need to get into place before you officially open business to the public. Now we want to chat about the best practices you can follow if you are looking to kick your revenue up a notch.

Use the Web to Do Some Marketing

If you are not mentioning your moving truck rentals on all of your marketing materials, you are losing business! This is especially true if you are not taking advantage of online marketing. Make sure your website includes keywords such as “moving trucks” and “truck rentals” to help search engines pick up your website. Just like when people are looking for a storage facility to use, they turn to the internet to find the perfect place for them, they are going to do the same when looking for a place to rent a moving truck from.

Promote with a Free Rental

If someone is going to rent a large unit or one of your climate controlled units, you may consider offering a free truck rental. This would be a great way to kick off your new business addition and will certainly give you a great edge on your competition.

Vamp Up Your Security

If you are going to be putting all this money into a moving truck business, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to make sure your new equipment is properly protected. Instillation of security cameras, bright night lighting, and perimeter fencing are just a couple of ways that you can do this. Changes like this will help to prevent illegal activity and property damage.

Keep Your Trucks Spotless

Nothing will set a bad name for your business quite like a gross truck. Having your customers crawl into the grime of a previous customer will make them never want to work with you again! Present your trucks in the same way that you would present your units. They are, after all, an extension of that business. Keep the trucks washed inside and out, ready for the next renter. Do a walk-around assessment to check for any sort of damage before and after a rental. If there is anything that looks out of place, document it thoroughly!

If you are still sure that you want to add this great addition on to your business, then we wish you the very best! By taking into consideration the points in these three articles, we have no doubt that you will do your best to be successful.

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