Call Centers- The Pros and Cos – Part 1

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“Hello, please hold.”
“Yes, let me transfer your call”
“Your call is very important to us. Please stay on the like and your call will be ordered in the order it was received.”

Have you ever been on the receiving end of this kind of poor customer service? What about when you are put on hold, and you wait 20 minutes and then the call gets dropped. Not fun, is it? Because of these poor connections, customers patience is much thinner than it used to be. You can use this to your advantage, though! Set yourself apart by providing your customers with exceptional customer service. Call centers can help you do that. They utilize the best technology available, like call tracking, cloud based software, advanced troubleshooting, and company messaging boards. This kind of technology is going to impact your customers directly! It will help you have an edge over your competition by using data-driven approaches to your calls.

If you are considering putting a call center team together, then you are reading the right article! There are so many fast-growing, regional storage brands are actively using call centers to help reduce costs, improve productivity, decrease call handling time, and improve customer service. There are multiple reasons why call centers are beneficial, but there are always two sides to the coin. Let’s take two blogs to talk about these.  Let’s start with the pros:


What are some of the biggest reasons that a self storage facility would want to use a call center? Better flexibility, quicker responses for your customers, better overall customer service, and reduced costs. Let’s consider these closer:

There are dozens of reasons why a self storage brand would want to manage calls using a call center. Some of the biggest reasons? Improved flexibility, quick response time, superior customer service, and reduced costs. Check out the details below:

Improved flexibility. How? If you have ever shopped for a property to flip, you know that the best markets may not be local. This is where call centers become life savers! Because of call centers, you won’t have to hire as many property managers! If you plan on having an unmanned facility, then this is the perfect solution for you! And you can effectively manage your facility from anywhere in the world!

Quick Response Time. Call centers allows leads and tenants to get a response in a timely and professional manner. Mangers are all too familiar with how detrimental call abandonment, slow responses, and long holds can be to sales and leads! People hate being put on hold! Why are call centers able to respond so quickly? They streamline the whole process! Between software integration and smooth call handling (all done from a computer!), your customer service reps will be able to effectively and quickly handle any call that comes their way.

Superior Customer Service

Because call centers primary focus is on customer service, that is what they do best and they can do it flawlessly. With their fantastic call center software, excellently trained teams, and cloud-based self storage technology, your customer service team will focus on keeping your customers happy and they will be able to handle any issues that the customer may have effortlessly.

If you compare this to the traditional property manager, you will find that they are overloaded with responsibility. They have to keep units clean, maintain the facility, man the office, answer phones, keep the property secure, help tenants, preform move in and move outs, and that is just the short list! They know that customer service is important, but unfortunately that aspect of the job just may get the short end of the stick, the last thing on their mind may be chatting with potential renters on the phone.

If you have a call center, your property manager will have the ability to do accomplish so much more during the day without sacrificing great customer service and potential tenants.

Reduced Cost. The actual monetary cost may make you balk at first, but the benefits will actually make you money! Not having any call abandonment or slow response time will increase business. Word will get around of what great customer service you provide and that will no doubt help business succeed.

Poor customer service should never tarnish your sparkly reputation. If you add a call center to your business you will be able to shorten the length of calls, reduce wait time, and convert more customer leads. And because your call center is working for you and with your software, they will always be ready to track leads and help tenants, bringing you more income. Less phone lines and team member will add up to saved money for your business!

In our next article, we will chat about the cons of call centers.

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