Can “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” boosting your storage unit rental occupancy?

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By now most people are familiar with Marie Kondo and her fantastic home organization skills. This mini series on Netflix has changed the way people are cleaning, organizing, and decluttering their homes! Marie Kondo’s inspiring tips are inspiring thousands. But what is the key to her organizing? She encourages people to stop clinging to things that no longer “spark joy”. The best part? She isn’t telling everyone to just get rid of everything like the show “Hoarders” does. She truly believes that if something is special to you, you should keep it. Her biggest push is to keep those things that do spark joy organized and easily accessible.

“Tidying up” and the self storage facility

While Marie isn’t enforcing minimalism, it does inspire those of us who tend to excessively hold on to things to finally relinquish them. Yes, we are talking to you, Beth. It’s time to let your high school jeans go. They aren’t going to fit the way they used to again, and they are just taking up space that usable clothes could be in. And Andy, it is time to move on from the Beanie Baby collection. They are cute, but no one is going to pay you thousands of dollars for something they could find at a tag sale.

But what if Beth and Andy still find that these things spark joy, they just don’t have an effective way to organize and store them within their home? Well, if you have seen a sudden uptick in the number of renters in search of smaller units (think of 5X10s and 10X10s), then you may be seeing the after effects of someone “tidying up”!

Now, I’m not going to lie. After watching the show I MAY have implemented some of Marie’s great tips in my own household, but I certainly didn’t get rid of enough to fill up a storage unit. I was happy to drop it off at the local Goodwill. But it isn’t going to be that easy for some people. Sentimentality is deep rooted and not easy to part with. Grandmas china isn’t something that you can just rebuy if you have regrets after discarding it. Ultimately, people will feel just as good about getting the clutter out of the home, but still will want to feel good knowing that their things are safely waiting for them in storage if suddenly the “sparks of joy” begin flying again.


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