How Does Self-Storage Work? Uncover the Ins and Outs of This Booming Industry

If you’re looking for a solid investment opportunity in 2021, you might want to consider self-storage. Experts predict the self-storage market to reach $115.62 billion by 2025. You rent people extra space so they have somewhere to keep their mementoes, collectables, or gear for their hobbies. If you’ve ever seen Storage Hunters, you’ll know how much stuff people can […]

Our Guide To Planning For Your Retirement

The basic mechanics of retirement don’t seem to have changed much over the years: you work, you save, and you retire once you reach that faithful retirement age. What is gradually changing, however, is the set of challenges that younger generations face when it comes to retirement savings, debt, and rising living expenses. As a […]

Top 5 Tricks to Start Your First Self Storage Business in 2021

Are you looking into self-storage as a business opportunity? It can be difficult to know where to start and how to get into the industry. The popularity of self-storage businesses has been increasing for several decades. However, it’s important to know the ins and outs of running a business like this. Read on, and we’ll look at 5 important […]

An Insider’s Guide to Self Storage Investments

According to the Pew Research Center, 22% of people in the U.S. moved due to the COVID-19 pandemic. So with roughly 1-in-5 American adults on the move, the need for self-storage units are sky-high. Yet even before the pandemic, self-storage investments were a good bet. If you’ve never looked at these businesses, there are several reasons that […]

How to Sell a Self Storage Property Profitably

Whether you’re ready to retire or simply want to move on to other opportunities, if you’re selling your self-storage business you want to do it profitably.  There are some key factors you need to consider, like how many self-storage units you have, other amenities offered, location, etc. Getting the most for your business isn’t only […]

The Primary Costs in Starting a Self Storage Business

Finding a good business to invest in can seem like an impossible task. Over 10,000 businesses are bought and sold in the U.S. every year. Restaurants, gyms, retail stores, and service-based companies are all in the mix. If you’re wondering how you’d manage these businesses, you aren’t alone. Many have the legitimate concern that they lack […]

Balancing Finances: How to Make Room for Investing

Ever since Robert Allen took the financial world by storm with his iconic books in the 1980s, investors everywhere have scrambled to diversify their portfolio and increase their revenue streams. Are you a smart investor looking for a great way to earn passive income? If so, then keep reading to learn all about how to prepare […]

How to Keep Seeing Success with Your Self Storage Investment

Increasing population and the need for urbanization is accelerating demand for self storage. The industry is estimated to reach a value of $115.62 billion by 2025. That’s growth of more than 30%. Are you ready to be a part of that growth with your self storage investment? Here’s how you can grow your self storage business and enjoy […]

Everything to Consider When Investing in Self Storage

Options for investment decisions are aplenty, particularly in real estate which, even during the pandemic, has been promising. Few real estate investments have the immediate promise of return on investment as self-storage units. In the following article, we’ll be discussing why these are among the safest investments, provided you go in with your eyes open. Here are […]

Self-Storage Investing: A Behind-The-Scenes Guide to the Industry

Death, taxes, and stuff. Perhaps the three unavoidable circumstances of life. Investors often don’t consider self-storage as a viable place to put their money. But they should, and so should you if you’re investigating new asset classes. Because one thing is for sure: people will always have stuff, and they’ll always need a place to put […]

How Much Does It Cost to Own a Self-Storage Facility?

If there was ever a time to invest in the self-storage industry it’s now. Self-storage units are the most recession-resistant asset class, still profit at only 60% occupancy, and are easily managed from the safety of your home office. So what are the self-storage building costs? What do you factor in when calculating the development cost […]

Self Storage Explained: How Does It Work?

Are you looking for a small business opportunity to invest in? If so, you’ve come to the right place for advice. Becoming a small business owner is a great way to take control of your life and build wealth. But choosing the right kind of business to invest money in can be a challenge. After […]

How can I Be Flexible as an Investor?

On June 3, 1984, I reported to Philmont Scout Ranch. I was starting a summer position as a Ranger. Philmont is a ranch located in Colfax County, New Mexico. It is owned and operated by the Boy Scouts of America. It is a National High Adventure base where crews of Scouts take part in Backpacking […]

Use the Calendar when Underwriting

A while back I was trying to buy a facility in Southern Wisconsin. A college buddy had clued me into the possibility that the owner was interested in selling. The owner had two locations about a mile apart in a relatively small community. The first location was a relatively new site. Modern Trachte buildings and […]

Massive Passive Income?

Hello again!  I want to share something interesting with you.  In the last few weeks, I’ve been studying some new ways to look at self storage investing. As investors, we tend to look at big numbers – NOI, monthly profits, and – even if our facility is not on the market – CAP rates.  I’ve […]

Partnering With Multiple Investors – Syndicating for Investment

Self Storage Investors

Partnering With Multiple Investors – Syndicating for Investment Ever since my team posted the Self Storage Investing “Six Step Process to Private Lending” we’ve gotten a boat-load of folks asking us all types of questions about how “private money” works, especially in Self Storage, but also in all other types of real estate investment. Honestly, […]

Making Your Own Private Money…

Investing in Self Storage

Making Your Own Private Money… You guys continue to amaze me!  In the last couple of weeks, ever since my team posted “Our Six Step Process to Private Lending” PDF, we’ve fielded a lot of calls from folks wanting to learn more. Private Lending is an often-misunderstood category of real estate and self storage, but […]

Private Money Checklist

Invest in Storage Units

Private Money Checklist I’ve had a lot of folks asking me about a little PDF my team put together last week about “Our Six Step Process to Private Lending” and I wanted to give you guys a little “deeper” response.  For a lot of newer investors, the idea of private money can be VERY daunting, […]