Color Theory and the Self Storage Facility Owner

Self Storage Investors

Have you ever tried to envision what life would be like if it was in black and white? Watching tv with my grandparents always got me thinking about what that would be like. No admiring the way the colors of a rainbow run together. No determining how juicy a strawberry will be just by looking at the rich red color of it. No fall leaves. No iridescent wings of a butterfly. Wouldn’t that be boring?

Did you know, though, that color plays an even bigger part in our brains other than just making things look nice? Our brains are so incredible that it can send us different messages based on the colors it sees. Taking that a step forward, what about how the brain searches our for the reverse color of the color that it sees? Everything around you is green, but your eye keeps going to that one red balloon stuck in the tree. So if this is how our brains react to color, what does that mean for those of us in the business of advertising? It means that we have to find a way to stand out to all those brains!

So what’s the color that most self-storage facilities are competing with?

Thinking about the kinds of things you see while driving, what colors are predominant? Green trees? Blue skies? If these “natural” colors are what our brains are seeing, then what are the opposite colors that our brain is searching for? If you look at blue and green on a color wheel, you will see that their opposite are red and orange! Next time you are driving around, look at the signs of big chain stores. Majority of the time, there will be this color family on their sign. This surely wasn’t done accidentally! They did this to catch your eye (or your brain!).

Simply put, as we are marketing our storage facilities, we have enough competition, don’t let the natural colors of the earth be another one of them! Pick colors for your facility that will stand out and catch the brain of each passerby.

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