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“The Complete Guide to Finding, Evaluating, Purchasing and Managing Self Storage Facilities” Copyright © 2020 by Scott Meyers All Rights Reserved Written by Scott Meyers No part of this book may be reproduced in any form nor used for teaching purposes without the express written permission of the author. This publication is designed to provide […]

Self Storage Investing Underwriting

Why you need the Self-Storage Investing Underwriting course?

In this course, you will learn how to underwrite a self-storage facility from start to finish. Underwriting is one of the most critical steps in self-storage investing since it will show you whether the facility that you are considering is truly a “deal” or just an “opportunity”.

How to Make BIG MONEY with Self-Storage

Why do you need the “How to Make Big Money with Self-Storage” course?

There are critical steps to ensure that a solid foundation is built for your self-storage investment business. These steps are designed to prevent you from experiencing the failures of investors who are uneducated in this asset class. During these six-sessions, you will learn how to find, evaluate, purchase and manage a self-storage facility, as well as develop the proper mindset for success.

Self Storage Investing Demographic Analysis

Why do you need the “Self-Storage Investing Demographic Analysis” course?

Learn the importance of understanding how the right demographic information will help you build a better foundation for your self-storage business. This knowledge will help you define markets and areas that are best suited to invest in self-storage facilities.