Filling a Self Storage Unit: Think Vertical!

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By using a storage unit, you can achieve maximum efficiency by reducing the amount of clutter in the home and in the office. Make the best of your off-site storage with by utilizing the following tips:

Where to Put the Furniture

The manner in which you arrange your belongings will be a direct impact on how much you can safely fit within your unit. Furniture that is taken apart will save space, but be sure to put lose parts (such as nuts and bolts) into a small baggie and affix it to the furniture. You will find that if you take advantage of vertical space, this will greatly increase the amount you can fit. Store couches vertically in the corners. Place mattresses and things you won’t be trying to access often in the back of the unit. Don’t forget to leave yourself an aisle so that you can still get to them if the need arises. If you take the time to measure your larger things and make a plan, you will find that this part will go much smoother.

Boxed Up

Stack those boxes! But please, do it safely. Though plentiful, don’t use old worn boxes. Find more sturdy ones to ensure stability and only stack boxes of like sizes on top of each other. Rather than using boxes, plastic tubs work great and will surely keep your items safer. Keep the heaviest boxes on the bottom and add boards between layers for extra support. I cannot stress the importance of labeling your boxes!

Don’t Get Your Thinking Get Stuck Inside the Box

Use shelving to your advantage. Store things on them. If there are smooth walls, consider hanging things on the walls with adhesive hooks. Dressers can still hold clothing, towels, or sheets. Don’t forget to tape the drawers so they things don’t come flying out, though!

Self storage facilities are not only there to give you extra space, but to also give you peace of mind. Be sure to use them as effectively as possible!


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