Get Ready to DOMINATE!

Here’s a simple fact – if you are – or want to be – a real estate investor, you have to have goals that suggest a plan and a plan that compliments your goals.

Yin and yang.

Salt and pepper.

Cookies and milk.

Yet, again and again, I see new investors and even more experienced ones who are missing this point and losing the most critical commodity of all – time.

Now, I touched on “plan” a little bit last week when I was drilling down into ensuring your New Year’s resolutions (remember those?) were detailed enough to support you.  This week, though, I’d like to take a deeper dive into that plan.

Who are you counting on to help develop your knowledge and avoid mistakes?  Do the men and women you have as mentors really understand your goals?

One of the first things I did when I got into the self-storage world was to meet people who were successful at it and try to emulate them.  The downside, of course, that in those days, few, if any, folks were teaching the material (One of the main reasons I’m so passionate about offering teaching and training courses and events).  This year, as part of your personal plan, have you made plans to attend any additional training?  Joining a mastermind?  Learning how to “bump up” your money rules and strategies?

What are your expectations from doing that?  More importantly, will you take action on what you’ve learned or simply “go back to work” the following week?

That’s really the challenges I see over and over as I teach real estate investors at my own live events like the Self Storage Academy, the Developer’s Academy, and even my Mastermind.  It’s hard for people to break old habits and when they get home, they fall back into routines.

So here’s a freebie for the week:  As you go through 2020, change things up.  If you “always” do something, do it differently.  Take a different route to work (or get there by Uber), go out to different restaurants for dinner or lunch.  Try a different coffee or coffee shop on your way to work.

By making little changes and being open to them, you’ll find it’s easier to incorporate big changes into your day, your week, your life, and your career.  Believe me, I LOVE organization and predictability, but I’ve also learned that in order for my business to be more successful, I need to always look to increase the breadth of my experiences and expectations.

I’m not going to bore you guys with what I’m doing differently in my own life, but I will say, I’m not scared of where it takes me.  So far, the results have always been exciting when I continue to challenge myself and get uncomfortable to get greater results.

If you like the idea of continued growth and actualizing your real estate education, then keep in mind the various events we’re hosting this year.  You can check out the schedule right here and we’ll be hosting our next Self Storage Academy in Orlando on February 20-22, 2020.  You can check that out right here.

No matter what, make sure this year is the year you take action and really begin to create your own destiny.

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