Happy Holidays? Merry Christmas!

Self Storage Investing

I hope this holiday season has been a blessing to you and that, as we close out 2019, you’ve been as successful as you planned ALL year.

I’m writing this post though, not to share knowledge about the self storage industry and my involvement in it for so many years, but to wish you all the best the season promises us.

I’ve been blessed in life with many successes, but I count those blessings only after I give thanks for the wonderful family I have.  Through good times and … let’s just say more “challenging” times …  especially in my multi-family investor days, my wife and children and my faith were always there, before any deal was made or check cashed.

I hope you find yourself blessed in those same ways.

…And though it may not be “fashionable” for us to speak of faith, or religion, or beliefs, I hope, in this season of giving and remembrance, that we all can remember there are things far larger than ourselves that drive us all home at night.





Things far more powerful than another real estate asset, another closing table, or another zero in a bank account.

The things we all seek, are, in the end, not “things” at all.

Remember that and I wish you all the best in your endeavors this holiday season and in 2020.

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