It’s This Week!

Self Storage Investors

If you haven’t already made your plans – or they fell through – then maybe that’s a sign you should be joining me at my Self Storage Academy in Orlando this week.  We’re going to be hosting it in Orlando, so there’s an even better reason – the weather should be great (or a least a LOT warmer than Indianapolis this weekend!)

So what are we going to cover?

Well, for three days, me and my team are going to be focused on YOU.  Teaching you the system I’ve used over two decades (actually three now!) to buy and sell millions of square feet of storage facilities and make a lot of money for me, my investors, and my team.

We’ll be taking deep dives into …

  • Finding the “right” ones – facilities with loads of value-add and NOI that can be realized quickly.
  • Seller financing models that allow you to get into an ownership position with little or no money out of pocket. No, this isn’t using sketchy credit systems to finance your investments, these are 100% on-the-level systems that produce results and results that produce income.
  • How to properly align your own investment accounts to allow you to use your savings and even retirement accounts for investments.
  • How ANY facility can be a great investment – no matter how new, old, and regardless of square footage.
  • And of course, this event is all about learning – it’s not a big sales pitch. You’re going to learn exactly how we’ve done it and how system has grown into a $40 million platform all over the United States.

It’s definitely worth your time and – like I mentioned – the weather in Orlando is going to be awfully nice.

There’s a few tickets left and I have one question – can you afford NOT to go?

See you there!

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