Keep Your Stuff Safe: How Much Does Self Storage Cost?

Did you know there are 1.8 billion square feet of rentable storage space in the U.S.? There are multiple uses for storage space; a few examples include if you’re moving and need to put giant furniture in storage temporarily or if you’re downsizing and want to save your furniture.

There are plenty of storage units and spaces that you can rent out, but you will have to pay to do so. Keep reading and, we will walk you through the self storage cost.

Self Storage Cost

Storage units pricing varies by size, state, and city. It also depends on how long you plan to store your stuff.

The most popular storage unit sizes are 5’ x 10’, 10’ x 10’, and 10 ’x 20’. If you look at the average cost between these three sizes, for a standard unit, it’s About $66, and for a temperature-controlled unit, it’s about $77 per month.

You can also look at specific storage units in your area and request a quote or get a cost estimate based on what you need to store and how long.

For example, there are place that provide an online form for you to fill out for a quote request. You have to let them know basic information, such as if you’re storing from your home or if you’re a business, your zip code, and the time frame.

If you’re looking to store a lot of equipment or as a company trying to figure out the cost of storing a lot of stuff in a warehouse, you can use a formula found here.

There isn’t a fixed cost for storage space; there is a lot you have to consider. Ensure that you’re prepared to pay for as long as you will need the storage and have your inventory ready before you get a quote.

Invest in a Self Storage Facility

Did you know that 50% of small businesses fail within the first year? If you are invested in starting a business, you want to make sure you choose an industry that will set you up for success.

Storage units are a sound investment if you are looking for a way to make money. We Will walk through the top reasons that investing in a self storage building is worth it.

1. Maintenance

Storage units are very low maintenance. If you have another job, you can hire people to run the unit or make it by appointments, so you don’t have to be there all day.

2. Risk

Storage units are low risk because they are always in demand and not dependent on the economy. People always need a place to store their stuff.

3. High Return on Investment

You can look at storage units as investing in multiple properties. You need to market your unit and should be able to attract numerous renters.

4. Demand

Demand is always high. People are moving, downsizing, or have too much stuff to fit in their homes, and they want to store their excess things close to them.

Rent a Storage Unit Today

Now that you understand the self storage cost, you can decide if you need to store your stuff.

You can find a storage unit near you and request a quote from there.

Start doing your research or contact us today with questions about investing in a storage unit.

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