5.2 Assignment – break the Valuator

Hello!  It’s Scott Meyers and I’ve gotta ask you – what do you think of the Valuator? Personally, I believe it is one of the most functional and useful tools for self storage investors anywhere to be able to get incredible clarity on any potential investment.  Is it perfect? No, and let me tell you […]

4.5 Researching at home (traffic counts, tax maps, population, etc)

Hey and welcome to Session 6.  I’m Scott Meyers, your guide in this journey and we’re taking time now to learn how to research your potential deals from the comfort of your own home. In the last session, we discussed the various online platforms we can use to find potential self storage facilities – CoStar, […]

4.4 Assignment – Online resources

Hi and welcome back.  I’m Scott Meyers and you are digging into the Self Storage Investing Home Study Course.  Today, we’re moving further into Module 3 – Finding the Deals. As you might remember, you have already taken a field trip of sorts – checking out the facilities in your town and reaching out to […]

3.6 Assignment – Pitch Perfect

Hello and welcome back to the Self Storage Investing Home Study Course.  It’s Scott Meyers here and as we continue up the mountain to self storage world domination, it’s time to learn to talk. Yes.  I said that correctly. “Learn to talk…” What this assignment is really about is understanding how to speak to potential […]

3.4 Finding Investors

Welcome back!  I’m Scott Meyers, your guide on the journey through Self Storage Investing’s Home Study Course and in this Session, we’re talking about investors. Specifically, how to find them! Now, many students hear the word “investor” and immediately think of the richest man or woman in their town.  I always did, too. But as […]

3.1 Funding Yourself

Hellllllo!  Welcome to Module 2, Session 3!  We’re making great progress and this Module represents one of the most exciting things I’ve ever learned about both self storage investing and ANY kind of real estate investment. Financing. When it comes to self storage, there are a lot of great things about it – the banks […]