Lock It Up – 4 Lock Tips

Invest in Storage Units

When you think about the operations of a self storage facility, what are some of the first things that pop into your head? The all metal construction? Moving trucks? What about the locks? Locks may seem like a small, insignificant aspect, but without them self storage facilities would cease to function properly! Let’s talk about 4 important tips for self storage locks for facility owners.

Mark them as Yours!

If you are already a storage owner, then you probably already known that there is a secret that locks like to keep. Ready for it? At night they grow legs and walk around getting themselves lost and never to be seen again! Okay, so maybe not. But they do constantly come up missing. Don’t be bashful to mark them up so those who ARE walking away with them remember who to bring them back. Consider painting them an obnoxiously bright color!

Use them as a Management Tool

You could use a sticker on the lock that will let you know the status of each unit without having to actually look it up. For example: red=non payment, green=vacant unit. Think of how efficient this would be to not have to look each unit up individually!

Use a Wholesaler to Buy Your Locks

If you find a good enough deal, you can actually make money off of your locks! Buy them for $5.99, for example, and sell them for $15. They key is to make sure you get them at wholesale cost. This not only makes you money, but stops YOUR locks from going missing.

Disc or Cylinder Locks are Preferred

These kind are much harder to cut into and because of that, they add an extra layer of security to your facility and customer. Keys are MUCH better than combinations! Combinations can be easily broken into. It is more convenient to not have to lug around keys, but if someone figures out that combination, your customer will be one sad puppy.

Locks play such a large part in the self storage business! Make sure you are being as efficient as possible with them!

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