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Investing in Self Storage - Private Placement Memorandums

Since roadways became a “thing”, multitudes of materials have been used to create them. Sometimes they were just beaten down paths, other times granite paving stones were used. Some materials wore better than others. When it comes to your self storage facility, it will benefit you to take some time to consider what road materials are going to be best for the location that you are in. Let’s have a look at a few of the tried and true material that are most commonly used.


This is one of the best surfaces for facilities. Because of that, though, it is also the most costly. Why is it so expensive? Because it lasts a really long time. Now, don’t get concrete confused with its half cousin, asphalt that deteriorates over time! Concrete is preferred by bankers, appraisers, and buyers. Honestly, I have nothing bad to say about concrete unless you are the one signing the check!


This is the second best choice following concrete. It looks fantastic when it is fresh and new, but be aware that it does eventually grey from the sun and is prone to potholes over time. The process of laying asphalt is two parted. 1) the road base under the asphalt 2) the asphalt that goes on top. Pothole are by no means an indication of failure of the asphalt, but an indication that the road base was unable to support the weight upon it.

Road Base

This is a surface that you can get away with, but be prepared, no one likes it. Typically made from lime aggregate, it is what is under the asphalt. Though it is tough stuff and grass rarely can poke through, it isn’t a nice polished surface that most desire. This is going to cause the value of the property to be less. If you are looking at acquiring a property with road base, make sure that you aren’t selling a kidney for it as it isn’t top dollar material.


This is by far the worst surface that you can have for you self storage facility. It is most commonly seen in rural places and it honestly relegates the property to a certain customer and doesn’t lend itself to getting you a rent level that is satisfactory. If you find a location that is great, but it has a dirt dive, just be prepared to pave those to bring it up to a higher standard.

Roads may seem like a small thing to fuss over. Consider though, trying to get a uHaul through a road that is full of potholes. This also lends itself to the danger of people twisting an ankle in one! Sometimes it is easier to bite the bullet, so to speak, and get the material that is going to last the longest.

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