What are portable self storage units

#PlatformForChange Series

Hello everyone and welcome back to The Self Storage Podcast, i’m your host Scott Meyers.

I would like to take the time to introduce to you what will be known as the Platform for Change segments. My team and I have come up with the #PlatformForChange segments by inspiration of the #ShareTheMicNow campaign that took place in early June10 2020 across instagram. Simply put, these segments came together by way of collaboration with my team members who are able to educate me, as I do millions on the topics related self-storage investing, on understanding the lens of the Black community in their everyday experience.

Self Storage Investing is a business that has grown through education, understanding and partnership with a diverse array of wonderful individuals combined. These podcasts segments will be a way to continue the conversations that are necessary even at the self-storage investing level as our way of saying “the lens and understanding need to become a shared experience in order to be the change we want to see.”

My guest of this episodes segment is my good friend Alex Braun II. During part of our conversation, we will learn what are portable self storage units. Alex is first off a family man, the Founder/Owner of Braun Financial, the Owner/Operator of UNITS Portable Storage San Francisco Bay Area, Director of Operations – Hawaii & San Francisco Development Company and last but certainly not least, a new Mentor/Coach with the Self-Storage Investing Team. Alex has been in the self-storage industry for over 18 years managing, developing, and operating startup and existing storage facilities. He specializes in sales and marketing, employee development, and implementing new programs. He started his journey as a worker at a local self-storage facility and worked his way up to ownership and beyond. His experience and education have allowed him to take his skill set to the next level and provide business consulting and development services through Braun Financial.

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