Can Crowdfunding be used for Self Storage?

Welcome back to another episode of the Self Storage Podcast. I’m your host, Scott Meyers.

Welcome back to the Self Storage Podcast. It’s a new day, a new topic and new guests this week. Today, continuing on the path of knowledge and education during these uncertain times, we will be discussing “Crowd Funding for Self Storage”. Along with me today will be my good friends Jillian Sidoti and Nancee Tegeder.

Jillian Sidoti is an attorney, speaker, entrepreneur, mama, and former college professor. Forever focused on finding the best and least challenging path for entrepreneurs to find funding for their deals, Jillian has written equity and debt offerings for all kinds of industries including real estate, biotech, film, software, alcoholic beverage, cannabis, and green tech. Jillian is the author of the Crowdfunding Myth, debunking the myths surrounding crowdfunding. As a public speaker, Jillian often offers fun and relatable content that leaves the audience with a deeper understanding of the legalities and psychology behind raising capital.

Nancee Tegeder, Esq. is a Partner at Crowdfunding Lawyers LLP where she advises clients on matters related to crowdfunding, syndications, commercial real estate transactions, and securities laws. Nancee is the leading expert at our firm on opportunity zone funds. She has written articles, presented seminars and completed opportunity zone-specific securities offering documents for many clients. Prior to joining Trowbridge Sidoti LLP, she worked as in-house counsel for multiple small businesses, advising them on business structures, intellectual property matters, and contract law.

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