Facility Audits: Why They Are Critical to the Success of Your Self Storage Business

Welcome to the Self Storage Podcast

Welcome back to another episode of the Self Storage Podcast. I’m your host, Scott Meyers.

Welcome back to the Self Storage Podcast. It’s a new day, a new topic and a new guest this week. Today, we will be catching up with my good friend Kathryn East, otherwise known as “The Wolf” to discuss “facility audits and why they are critical to the success of your self-storage business. Kathryn is a wonderful Mentor/Coach with the Self Storage
Investing Team and owner of Sopapta, LLC who helps new storage owners valuate and define facilities to fit their goals. Kathryn is also an Operations Specialist specific to self-storage with 13 years of experience in the industry from ground level to ownership.

For more information on today’s guest: Kathryn East

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