Leading Techniques to Market your Self-Storage Business Successfully

Marketing self-storage facilities is crucial for the success of your business. Effective marketing strategies can increase your sales exponentially, so in this podcast we’re discussing leading techniques and marketing ideas in the self-storage industry with Andy Grimaud.

Andy is Managing Partner at Store More Self Storage specializing in site selection with feasibility studies, competitor evaluations, financial forecasts, business plans, and lender proformas. He’s been in the real estate world for 20 years, working in various sectors of commercial real estate. There is so much to learn from him when it comes to self-storage marketing, and we’re more than happy to have him as our guest.

Marketing Self-Storage Facilities

Starting and scaling a self-storage business requires a lot of work, from fundraising for lucrative deals to creating marketing campaigns to reach your target audience. Hence, nurturing your business and advertising skills is of utmost importance. All kinds of marketing ideas can be profitable, so don’t hesitate to try different strategies to see what works best for your potential customers. Just make sure that your storage facility is represented in the best way possible.

How Do You Market a Self Storage Facility?

Since marketing offers lots of ways to grow your revenue, here are some tips for storage owners:


  • A website with quality information about services you provide and the option to rent a storage unit online is absolutely necessary. With proper SEO, your website will be your number one asset that will increase your traffic and online visibility. Search engine optimization can put your company on the first page of Google which could double your revenue.


  • Call centers are also a worthwhile investment. People have lots of questions about self-storage services so make sure your prospects have easy access to information. Your contact information (phone number, address, etc.) should also be highly visible on the website, so your customers don’t have trouble reaching you.


  • Online management software and renting kiosks will eventually bring more tech-savvy customers, but make sure to have options for booking storage units in person too.


  • Word of mouth can be a powerful tool for self-storage marketing. Nothing beats a referral from a satisfied customer.


  • Digital marketing and social media are essential for all types of businesses. Digital marketing can help you build a community and reach potential customers in new ways. Marketing self-storage facilities on social media is hard work, but it often pays off double because it builds relationships with your clients and establishes a brand for your company.


  • Calculate your marketing budget accordingly. You don’t want to set aside too much nor too little money for your marketing needs. When you set a budget, try not to break it with over-the-top campaigns.


  • Carefully create your marketing strategy. What’s the point in putting way too many resources into yelp reviews or ad space on Facebook if you’re not getting conversions? Sometimes even pay-per-click ads can bring new customers, but you want to carefully monitor your conversion rate from each marketing campaign.


Reach Success with Your Storage Facility

Opening and running a self-storage facility is hard work, but it often pays huge returns. We’ve helped lots of investors reach financial freedom with storage units and you can become one of them too! All you need is a plan for action and to strive to succeed. Community support doesn’t hurt either.

For more advice on how to ensure your self-storage business is a success, check out our FREE Blueprint that will provide you with all the information you need!