Building Legacy with a Real Estate Business

To make 2021 your winning year, don’t miss the opportunity to invest in recession-proof deals. Self-storage is seeing a boom, even during economic downturns. Now is the time to build your legacy with a real estate business, which is our topic with today’s guest – Pip Stehlik.

Pip Stehlik started his investing career more than twenty years ago, so he’s seen it all, from lease options and commercial real estate to short-term rentals and renovations. As he continued investing, he learned all about wealth management and the importance of having multiple streams of income from different assets.

Over the past years, Pip has been sharing the knowledge, coaching other real estate investors, and helping them succeed. In this episode, we hear his point of view on self-storage and real estate investments in general.

Investing with Purpose

As Pip notes, it doesn’t matter what you’re investing in, as long as you’re investing with a purpose. You really need to have a clear idea of what you’re doing with your money and what is the purpose of your investments. We all want to help other people, and with wealth created from properties, you can. Sure, you must chase profits to make it in this world, but you should never forget about the people around you. Find a cause, a purpose, that will guide all of your future investments.

Influencing people and changing their lives for the better can be more rewarding than any possible returns. Teaching people about smart investing, as Pip does, can be a purpose. Likewise, our mission with the self-storage community is framed with a similar mindset. We want to provide services and programs that will help investors be better and do better.

Creating a Legacy with Real Estate Business

At the end of the day, you want to use your business to create a legacy. Having a social impact or improving the lives of your family is what most people want. Everyone has a unique starting point, and it’s a matter of vision and investment decisions that can set you on the right path to financial freedom, which will allow you to achieve your goals and build a legacy.

Providing for a family is many people’s main purpose, but sometimes it’s not enough. You want to provide them with stuff they’ve never experienced, like a unique trip or desired experience. Passive income generated from real estate will help you do that. 

Real estate can also provide you with more time. You’ll be able to spend it with your loved ones, be present at the moment, and create things that last – you can leave a legacy and cherish your loved ones. Naturally, different types of investments give you more or less freedom and flexibility. The self-storage industry, luckily, is flexible. You can approach it both passively and actively, depending on the amount of involvement you wish to make.

Instructor using laptop for discussion

Building Wealth Through Real Estate

Both residential and commercial real estate can be used for building wealth if you have a good long-term strategy. The lease-to-own strategy has been a starting point for many people. How you’ll continue investing your capital is up to you.

We strongly encourage you to check out our content on self-storage investing. This industry provides one of the best wealth-building opportunities possible that requires almost no effort on your part. You can own a facility and let the units work for you. Everything is automated, so there’s essentially no management work. Tenants lease and pay for the units at kiosks or with smartphones, which is safe, secure, and hassle-free.

Naturally, if you do want to get involved, you can! There are options to get in on development projects and create facilities from scratch or by transforming other properties. Costs are much lower when compared to other real estate development projects, which makes the profits so much higher! With these types of projects, you can expect full income in less than two years, which is essentially no time at all for commercial real estate investments.

Get in the game any way you wish to, maybe even by being a silent partner. You don’t have to be “involved” at all! Invest through syndication projects or self-storage REITs, and you’ll get monthly checks, as you would by investing in mutual funds (just making more money, one might add).

Self-storage investing stays strong even during recessions. It’s exactly the recession-proof investment that your portfolio for building wealth needs. Interested? You don’t have to start on your own! We’ll introduce you to this amazing industry and provide you with the knowledge and advice you can leverage. Simply contact us and step on the path toward wealth creation to ensure your family’s long-term security.