Raising Capital the Right Way

Welcome to the Self Storage Investing podcast. I’m your host Scott Meyers!

As we continue sharing the knowledge and skills from leading investors, developers and operators to help you launch and grow your own successful self-storage business during these challenging times, we hope it helps you in your own journey wherever you are in it. This week we look at raising capital the right way.

Tune in each week for a new episode on topics in the self-storage world with guests from each sector of the self-storage investing industry. This week, my guest is here to provide great insight on how to raise capital the right way! Tune in to learn more from a wonderful household name in the industry.

About today’s guest:
Dave Dubeau is a Real Estate Entrepreneur, Best-Selling Author, Speaker and Investor Attraction Expert based in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. He began his real estate investing career in 2003 doing 18 deals in 18 months. He later switched his focus to client-first rent to own deals, and nowadays he invests in multi-family (apartment building) properties. For the last several years Dave has been a leading authority on helping mom n pop real estate investors to find money partners and raise capital. Using his proprietary 5 Step Money Partner Formula™, Dave helps his real estate entrepreneur clients to grow their portfolios significantly and in record time by attracting investors (instead of chasing after them).

For more information on today’s guest: Dave Dubeau

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