All About Marketing and Wholesaling in the Self-Storage Industry

To successfully invest in self-storage, marketing and wholesaling should be your best friends. How else are you going to raise money for lucrative deals or find them in the first place? Real estate, especially self-storage investing, requires a lot of knowledge to succeed.

To show you how to create a steady flow of opportunities, my guest today is Fernando Angelucci, a master wholesaler working as a partner of Titan Wealth Group. Fernando achieved what many of us want: He left a tedious 9-to-5 life with smart investing. Starting with single- and multi-family properties, he moved to self-storage facilities full time.

Real Estate – The Path to Independence

Wholesaling is very common for single-family homes and some of the lower-priced asset classes. The wholesaler contracts a house for a lower price (usually distressed properties) and passes it to the buyer for a higher price while keeping the difference as profit. Unlike flipping, in wholesaling, you aren’t buying and renovating properties. Instead, you are just the link between buyers and sellers.

As he was working in the residential sector, Fernando saw the opportunity to broaden his scope of work and use his knowledge to succeed in commercial real estate. He transitioned to self-storage investing, which wasn’t easy since wholesaling self-storage facilities isn’t a common practice. His success is largely based on his ability to market the properties and find suitable investors.

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Self-Storage, Marketing, and Wholesaling

When you’re trying to wholesale self-storage properties, you have to be connected to potential investors. Consider all the factors that investors find important, from documentation to statistics, so you show them the value of each property and negotiate a deal that works for everyone involved. Most investors are looking for something to invest in passively, without worries and hassle. Your job as a wholesaler is to provide them with those investment opportunities.

The most important thing in wholesaling self-storage facilities is carefully creating a list of potential buyers. Fernando suggests interviewing prospective buyers for a chance to get into your list because you only need to work with serious investors.

The next thing: creating a top-notch marketing strategy to find great deals and to promote your business. The marketing funnel needs to supply you with fresh lucrative deals that other investors can’t get a hold of that easily. Being well informed about new trends and market shifts is of utmost importance so you can filter through many deals to find the best ones.

As you get enough income, you can easily transition to buying your own properties. After all, once you have access to all those deals, you can become an investor, too. Wholesaling can be just the stepping stone into the real estate world when you don’t have enough capital.

For starters, just dip your toes in the water. Start slow and scale up to those million-dollar deals. As you build your business, acquire more knowledge, and create good management systems, you can start expanding until you reach complete financial independence.


To help you get started with self-storage, marketing, wholesaling, and real estate investing in general, we’ve created various mentorships programs. In our community of investors, we’re always there for each other because when one of us succeeds, everyone does.

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