How to Convert Your Self-Storage Business into Virtually Managed “Touchless Rentals”

How often do you come across a self-storage space that you want to buy, but it is situated hundreds of miles away? Managing it would be a hassle unless you could be in two places at the same time. This is where touchless rentals come into play.

In this episode of the Self-Storage Podcast, we are talking with Josh Boyd from StoreEase. Josh is the CEO of StoreEase Virtual Management, the first virtual third-party management solution in the self-storage industry. Delve deeper into the self-storage touchless rental units as we talk with Josh about how a digital platform could help improve the experience for your customers.

What Is a Touchless Self-Storage Unit?

Storage unit owners want to improve customer experience but may not know how to do so. This is where a web-based process can help. A self-storage unit can be managed online through a kiosk yet still have a human element to it.

Imagine this: you walk into a store space, and a kiosk welcomes you. There is a call center to assist with your queries and virtual managers to talk to you. These managers are at the caliber of district managers and connect with customers through video calls.

Can Your Self-Storage Unit Use Virtual Management?

As the COVID-19 pandemic has gripped the world, the self-storage industry has once again proved to be recession-resistant. But when new customers want to see your storage space before they rent it, as the owner, you can face hurdles due to the pandemic. If you are looking for partners and acquisitions in the business, they might like to visit, too. It becomes troublesome if you are vacationing thousands of miles away and a prospective client wants to visit your storage facilities.

This can be made possible with touchless service. If your self-storage unit is more than 30,000 gross square feet in size, you can consider third-party management. Josh remarks that as long as there are revenues to justify this digital service, his company would be happy to look into the deal.

Can You Rent a Storage Space Online?

Technology has made it possible for you to rent storage spaces online. With a third-party virtual platform, you could be sitting in Alaska and buying a unit in Alabama, all without having any personal contact with it. You can simply invest in the unit and have someone else manage it for you. These managers are trained professionals who solely focus on the seamless storage process, and they ensure the safety of your unit, too.

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How to Turn Your Storage Space into a Touchless Rental

To bring automation to your self-storage unit, start with deciding if this technology is the right fit for you and your facility based on the scale and revenue generated. 

All you need is a power supply and an internet connection. There would be two iOS devices to communicate with the customers who walk into your facility. Along with the devices are competent managers who can assist customers with anything that they need.

But what about the keys? You can control gates, access points, and the unit using Bluetooth encryption on your smartphone. The technology and virtual managers monitor your storage space all day long to safeguard your property at all times.


If you and your facility are ready for automation, the sky’s the limit in terms of opportunities in the next five to ten years. The current self-storage industry trend is moving toward virtual management and touchless rentals, and we recommend you take advantage of it!

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