Should you transition from residential real estate into self storage

Welcome back to another episode of the Self Storage Podcast. I’m your host, Scott Meyers.

During our pandemic episodes, we are trying to reach across all areas in the self storage investing industry to gain knowledge on each area’s new norm during the current environment. How we’ve learned time and time again to prosper and grow through economic challenges by taking them to become even better in season after the storm.

In today’s podcast, we are going to help answer the question, should you transition from residential real estate into self storage. My guest today is my good friend Alex Quezada. Alex is managing member of Vault Ventures, LLC, Holding Vault LLC and Quick Cash Offer, LLC and a Mastermind student with Self Storage Investing. Alex has grown Vault Ventures, LLC from a two-man team to now a team of nine. His team is dedicated to acquiring off-market discounted investments properties throughout Florida to directly wholesale these assets to cash buyers looking for their next solid investment opportunity. Alex co-founded Quick Cash Offer, LLC to bring those same skills of locating motivated seller to other states and emerging markets where demand is high for investor inventory. Alex started Holding Vault, LLC to begin his passive income journey to 5000 doors which currently includes, single family homes, duplexes, triplexes, apartment buildings, mobile home parks and now self storage. Alex specializes in all faucets of real estate but has a real passion for creative deal structuring and investor relations. Alex’s vast knowledge of his industry, work ethic, and integrity has helped Alex’s reputation as an entrepreneur quickly on the rise to reach his goals and help others reach theirs.

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