The Changes in the Self-Storage Business During the Current Pandemic

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During our pandemic episodes, we are trying to reach across all areas in the self storage investing industry to gain knowledge on each area’s new norm during the current environment. These episodes are an emphasis on how we in the self-storage investing industry have learned time and time again to prosper and grow through economic challenges, by taking the challenges we face and learning how to use them to become even better in the season after the storm. My guests and good friends today are highly successful self-starters, Anne Williams- Blackwell and Jesse Luke. Anne is a Self-Storage Investments Broker, Lead Broker at the Williams Storage Team as well as a Self-Storage Investments Coach and Mentor. Jesse Luke is a successful Partner at EquiCap Commercial, which he started in 2015- where he specializes in representing buyers and sellers of self-storage investment properties. Together we will take a deeper dive into the current environment during the pandemic and how it has changed the self-storage industry.

For more information on today’s guest: Anne Williams- Blackwell & Jesse Luke
Anne Williams- Blackwell…

Jesse Luke

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