The Self Storage Development Process

To the Self Storage Investing podcast. I’m your host Scott Meyers.
As we continue sharing the knowledge and skills from leading investors, developers and operators to help you launch and grow your own successful self-storage business leading us all into a brand new year.

Tune in each week for a new episode on topics in the self-storage world with guests from each sector of the self-storage investing industry. This week my guest is here to discuss with us the Development Process in Self-Storage. Keep listening to hear all the knowledge and tips our very own student turned partner has to say!

About today’s guest: Ross Stryker

Ross Stryker is a founder and CEO of Smart Asset Opportunities – which helps educate busy small business owners to take charge of their own financial freedom plan. He practiced dentistry and specialized in Orthodontics for over 35 years – 12 of those years were while serving in the US Army – reaching the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and later in private practice where he grew one of the largest single doctor practices in the country.

Ross has owned 40+ single family homes and written two books – one specifically on real estate investing. It is not the asset that makes the opportunity work – it’s the people behind the asset.

Having participated in a multitude of commercial projects, including Self Storage facilities, mobile home parks and more, Ross is passionate about getting money out of the wall street casinos and putting it to work on main street in safe, tangible investments.

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