Real Estate Notes & Funding for Commercial Real Estate

To the Self Storage Investing podcast. I’m your host Scott Meyers.
As we continue sharing the knowledge and skills from leading investors, developers and operators to help you launch and grow your own successful self-storage business this 2021.

Tune in each week for a new episode on topics in the self-storage world with guests from each sector of the self-storage investing industry. This week my guest is here to discuss with us Real Estate Notes & Funding for Commercial Real Estate. This is a great topic and I am excited for you to receive the ins and outs from this rockstar guest!

About today’s guest: Eddie Speed

Eddie Speed knows how to architect a deal like the back of his hand. For almost 40 years , he has personally bought more than 40,000 notes and his NoteSchool’s executive team has bought 3.5 billion dollars in notes. As an esteemed teacher of real estate investment, Eddie’s innovative methods have earned him multiple industry awards and earned
him a spot as the inaugural inductee into the Small Balance Real Estate Hall of Fame. He has spoken at events across the country–teaching thousands of people how to find freedom and flexibility in their lives through a widely untapped and extremely profitable part of real estate investment: creatively buying and selling notes.

At his core, Eddie is a problem solver. He is skilled at identifying roadblocks most investors couldn’t work around, and finding solutions to creatively close in a way that’s exponentially profitable.

With humble roots growing up Jackson, Mississippi putting in long hours working in the stockyards. At the heart of Eddie’s business is family. He has a passion for helping families in America build a financial legacy for generations to come. That’s why in 2003, he founded NoteSchool, a real estate coaching program designed to teach investors how to scale their businesses through buying and selling performing and non-performing notes.

Over the past decade, he’s helped countless investors expand their portfolios by the millions using his out-of-the-box techniques. The ripple effect has been tremendous. Many of his students are able to quit their 9-5 jobs, spend more time with their families and live the lifestyle of their dreams.

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