The Self Storage Podcast: What to Look for When Investing Passively

To the Self Storage Investing podcast. I’m your host Scott Meyers.
As we continue sharing the knowledge and skills from leading investors, developers and operators to help you launch and grow your own successful self-storage business this 2021.

Tune in each week for a new episode on topics in the self-storage world with guests from each sector of the self-storage investing industry. This week my guest is here to discuss with us the ins and outs of What to Look For When Investing in Self-Storage. He is an insightful industry leader in oil and energy, and I can’t wait to share with you all his knowledge and experience.

About today’s guest: Pat Willson
Pat is a husband and father with a fulltime career working for a global energy company. Passive investing opportunities have provided him a pathway to participate in the real estate sector without infringing on family and career responsibilities.

Pat resides in Texas with his family where he enjoys spending time camping, hiking, and fishing.

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