Product Return Policies and Procedures It is our policy to offer a FOURTEEN (14) DAY, unconditional, no questions asked money back guarantee. Please read the following in its entirety. The policies and procedures outlined below contain important instructions and must be followed to be eligible for a refund.

Written Notice of Cancellation All transactions are final FOURTEEN (14) CALENDAR DAYS from the date of the transaction. Your request must be postmarked no later than the 14th day from the date of the EVENT. Materials cannot be returned at subsequent seminars, symposiums, or training meetings. Should you choose to effectuate a cancellation on or before the 14th calendar day from the date of the event, you MUST SUBMIT a WRITTEN REQUEST for RETURN AUTHORIZATION TO INFO@SELFSTORAGEINVESTING.COM. UPON APPROVAL OF YOUR RETURN AUTHORIZATION REQUEST, YOU WILL BE DIRECTED AS TO THE INSTRUCTIONS FOR RETURNING YOUR MATERIALS.

RETURNS must include ALL of the following when returning:

ALL materials in “Like New”, Original and Resalable condition
Your Full Name
Complete Address
Telephone Number with Area Code
Descriptive Reasons for Cancelling/Returning to help us learn how to make our products better
Copy of Sales Receipt received at the event
Type of Payment, Full Credit Card Number, Expiration Date, Name on Card and Billing Address of card used, if any


Upon meeting the conditions of the refund policy and receipt of all materials, any payments made under the written contract of sale will be refunded within 30 business days by check or credit at the discretion of Self Storage Profits, INC. Any damaged materials will be assessed and a $75.00 fee will be deducted from your returned funds. Shipping and handling charges are not eligible for refund.

Please note: Each speaker may have additional requirements in regards to returns of their individual products. Speaker’s individual return policy supersedes the return policy offered by Self Storage Profits.

Example: Speaker may only accept returns when the seal on software HAS NOT been broken. Please read informational material included in each individual product packaging.

Declined Credit Cards and Checks In the event a credit card is returned as “declined,” we will attempt to claim funds from your card up to three separate times before suspension occurs. Checks are taken as a courtesy to our customers. The purchaser is responsible to pay all returned checks and/or bank fees, processing charges, and past due monthly fees. Checks that are non-negotiable, for any reason (insufficient funds, closed accounts, stop payments, etc.) are subject to immediate collection and prosecution to the fullest extent of the law, including all expenses involved in collection, and will be subject to an additional fee if the account is forwarded to a third party collection agency. The laws of the State of Indiana govern these agreements.

WARNING: All Speakers audios and videos employ a method that will render distorted sound quality, if copies are made, and will allow FEDERAL AGENTS to determine whether unauthorized copying has been attempted in the event of return or refund. Copying of these audios and videos voids all guaranties and refunds. It is now our policy to expose all returned CD’s and/or DVD’s or Digital files to analysis and to refuse refunds in instances where copying of CD’s and/or DVD’s or digital files has been determined. Reproduction of these copyrighted CD’s and/or DVD’s, including any printed materials, is prohibited by law. United States Copyright Laws imputes fines up to $250,000 for illegally copying. Furthermore, redistribution to others without our expressed written consent is a federal crime punishable by FINES and FEDERAL PRISON.

In an effort to ensure fair and honest public feedback, and to prevent the publishing of libelous content in any form, your acceptance of this sales contract prohibits you from taking any action that negatively impacts Self Storage Profits, INC., its reputation, products, services, management or employees.

(No Refunds on Mentoring & Coaching)