Products Overview

Self-Storage Starter Home Study Course

The Self Storage Starter gives you everything you need to get involved in the lucrative world of self storage investment, but without the substantial learning curve MOST real estate investment requires.

The Self Storage Starter is an easy-to-use course that let’s you set your own pace AND gives you all the tools you need to learn the self storage industry and get ready to buy your own facility.

Our charter membership is only a fraction of the cost of many “workshops” that don’t give you nearly the same knowledge and tools.

Private Placement Memorandums - valuator

The Self-Storage Valuator

“The World’s Easiest Self-Storage Analysis Software”

Finally, Self Storage Investing Software that lets you identify strong opportunities, acquire Self-Storage Facilities with Confidence, and do it with a few clicks of a mouse.

Confidently Analyze Self-Storage Facilities with a few Mouse Clicks to successfully invest in self storage units… Immediately get rid of the time wasters…

Determine NOI, Monthly Cash Flow, Cap Rate, Cash on Cash Return, debt service coverage ratio, cost per square foot, break-even point, Loan to Value, future projections, cap rate sensitivity, and much more…

Investigate for Current value, best and most pessimistic scenarios, stabilization value, and exit strategy target value.

Self-Storage Facility Management Class

Now that you own a self-storage facility, it is time to not only manage the facility, but to also ensure that it generates revenue in-line with your projections.   Managing a facility can be intimidating the first time around and we will cover everything from implementing systems, training on-site management and staff, to marketing and the various profit centers.

Self-Storage Investing Underwriting Class

In this class you will learn how to underwrite a self-storage facility from start to finish.  Underwriting is one of the most critical steps in self-storage investing, since it will show you whether the facility that you are considering is truly a “deal” or just an “opportunity”.

How to Make BIG Money with Self-Storage

There are critical steps to ensure that a solid foundation is built for your self-storage investment business. These steps are designed to prevent you from experiencing the failures of investors who are uneducated in this asset class.

During these six-sessions, you will learn how to find, evaluate, purchase and manage a self-storage facility, as well as develop the proper mindset for success.

Self-Storage Investing Demographic Analysis

Learn the importance of understanding how the right demographic information will help you build a better foundation for your self-storage business.  This knowledge will help you define markets and areas that are best suited to invest in self-storage facilities.