What Does A Self-Storage Business Manager Really Do?

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Self-storage is a business where a tenant rents out a unit or space from a storage facility for personal or professional use. He can access it anytime while he’s renting it.

The self-storage business manager is the person who runs and operates a self-storage business facility. On-site self-storage business managers (living within the facility) and off-site managers (living outside) perform the same basic responsibilities. Companies will frequently hire teams of at least two managers to manage the facility more efficiently and to provide around-the-clock service to the tenants. They also have relief managers for the weekends or if one or more of the managers can’t make it that day for some reason.

So, what are the responsibilities of a self-storage manager?

Rent Collection
Their most basic responsibility in managing the facility is of course, collecting the rent from the tenants at the start of every month, but like everything in life, it’s not that simple. Its` generally known that collection is never as simple as it seems. There are late payments, fines and tons of paperwork.

Acquisition of new customers
Self-storage managers interact with the customers; the current tenants who are already renting some of the units, and new customers (and possibly future tenants) that are looking for a unit to rent. They cater to their questions and read them policies and guidelines.

Inspection of the units
Checking and maintaining the entire facility, inspecting the security (units broken in, areas that can easily be broken into, security cameras, the lighting, etc.)

Operational Duties
Depending upon company policies and job descriptions, they could also be responsible with handling the facility’s accounts like — paying the taxes, overhead costs, salary of the other employees, etc.

Transport and logistics
Negotiating contracts with transport and freight firms if the employer or company doesn’t have it.

Marketing Strategy
Marketing the facility, printing out flyers and posters and posting them in appropriate places to attract new customers to the facility.

Supervising and monitoring the staff. They should be able to guide them in doing their job well and manage all their employees’ concerns.

This is pretty much the gist of being a self-storage manager. Some self-storage investors became managers in handling their own facility after they learned a bit more about managing.

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