Strength in All Metal Construction

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One of the most unique attributes of a self storage facility is that a large majority of them are all-metal constructions. Think about it, are there any other real estate asset class that shares this trait? Can you think of any advantages of an all metal structure? This isn’t a commonly discussed topic, but it is definitely one that is worth taking the time to discuss!

Strong and Durable

Frames made out of steel aren’t going to rot, warp, split, crack, or creep. It is also not vulnerable to termites! Steel fames aren’t going to expand or contract with the change of moisture and since steel is non combustible they won’t contribute to the spread of fire. Constructing a steel frame improves efficiency, saves on time, and significantly reduces costs. The strength-to-weight ratio is so much greater than wood! Larger bays can be constructed with wider frame spacing. Being as resilient as it is, these steel structures can withstand the test of natural disasters like hurricanes and earthquakes quite well! Steel constructions are engineered to be a reliable, safe building material.

Looking Good

The structural and safety benefits aren’t where it ends when it comes to building with steel. This kind of constructions also boasts superior aesthetics! Because of its flat surface, it is easy to paint. Weather can take its toll on any building, but having a steel construction is a much simpler update. There is no broken plastic siding to replace or rotting wood to take off. A quick fresh coat of paint and you’ll look like you have a brand new building. Another bonus is that it won’t sag or bow. It really has a timeless look that will never become obsolete. If it is properly maintained and upkept, these facilities can last for decades and look good doing it!

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