Scott and Shannon Kimber

Scott- “This event was a culmination of gathering all the tools necessary for a serious investor to actually be successful in this business and also an opportunity for us to meet Scott and his team and the kind of values that they expose. If you missed weekend, what I would say is find when the next event is. If you’re serious about changing your life and getting into the self-storage business find the next event and go to it. Thank you for being willing to share your experience. And your passion for other people is apparent and that’s not always easy to find, out there in the real world. They’re willingness to mentor, tell it like it is to make sure that your success is their success is a breath of fresh air. We really appreciate that and we are absolutely looking forward to joining forces and doing great things. “

Shannon- “ Just reiterating again what Scott said already, we know that we need to surround ourselves with people that are smarter than us. We need to stay experts in what we do and we need to surround ourselves with people who are expert in what they do. So that when we’re partnered together we’re an unstoppable force and clearly we all have God on our side and so nothing will stop us now. “

Scott & Shannon Kimber - Self Storage Investing