Wendell Long

Been in real estate, now, for over 30 years. a couple of years ago, joined his mastermind, and the input and direction [the Mastermind] gave us to take our company to the next level has been great. We’ve looked at a lot of deals, and I think this has helped us a lot to NOT do some deals that maybe we might have done in that past, to just jump on something just because it looked good, or get all excited about it, but you really got to know that you’re doing the right stuff. I think that’s really what it’s helped me to do. You know, I think we go to learn from other people, so we don’t make the same mistakes.

The mastermind is much more intimate, you’re getting into very specific information about each particular deal, and how it can be structured, and while sometimes we, or some of us, may bring something to the mastermind that maybe we don’t think will even work, or how it could even work. That’s the whole power of the mastermind – everybody puts their heads together, and says, “Well, have you thought about this? Have you thought about that?”

It’s much more in-depth, and creative. A lot of creativity comes out of those. But also we have other investors, ourselves, that have invested in some of our other companies or investments, and saying, “Maybe we need to spread it around some, across the country”, because that way we can draw from other areas and other people’s efforts – they need some money to be put in, whether it’s development deals or even buying existing facilities.

Wendell Long - Self Storage Investing