Vinyl is Alive! – How to Help Your Customer Store it Properly

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I was walking down the aisle in Walmart the other day when a display caught my eye. It was an entire shelf FULL of vinyl albums! I haven’t seen those in stores in so long I can’t even give you an approximation. That made me curious so I did some “Googling” and came up with […]

Walk the Halls – Inside Access Self-Storage Facilities – Penny #6

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In last weeks article we talked about drive up self-storage facilities and what kind of storage they are good for. This week, I want to chat for a bit about inside access facilities. These facilities are indoor storage units are only accessible through hallways inside of a large building. When Should You Use an Inside […]

Are you building a legacy?

Scott Meyers - Self Storage Analysis

Grandma’s china. Grandpa’s gun collection. Uncle Gary’s collection of rusty nails in coffee tins. Every American wants to have something to pass down to future generations. Will what they are leaving behind be something that is treasured? Or something that is just tossed aside? Let me tell you why a self storage facility makes a […]

4 Final Easy Ways to Improve Your Storage Facility’s Impact on the Environment

Self Storage Investors - Private Money

We have previously discussed 7 important was to make your self storage facility more environmentally friendly. If you haven’t seen those previous articles, be sure to go check them out! Let’s chat about the final 4 ways you can do this to save yourself some money and to attract eco-conscious customers. 1.Weatherproof the facility! I […]

What Does A Self-Storage Business Manager Really Do?

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Self-storage is a business where a tenant rents out a unit or space from a storage facility for personal or professional use. He can access it anytime while he’s renting it. The self-storage business manager is the person who runs and operates a self-storage business facility. On-site self-storage business managers (living within the facility) and […]