Introducing The Self-Storage “Terminator”- Penny #2

Mezzanine Investing

In addition to having to not deal with the “repair” of a residential rental, self-storage ownership has another great bonus! The ease of eviction. There are moments in the self-storage business that we all hate. But, I can GUARANTEE you one thing. Compared to the hassle of evicting a residential tenant, terminating the lease of […]

Do You Need Residents to Make Money in Real Estate?

Storage Units Investing

Barbara Streisand once said “people who need people, are the luckiest people in the world.” Do you agree that this is necessarily the case? Or do you think that in real estate people tend to only cause more problems? Your real estate build doesn’t NEED people to exist, but without people inside, you don’t get […]

Ask Scott: Interested in a MHP or Self Storage

Self Storage Evaluator - Scott Meyers

“My business partner and I have been purchasing residential rental properties in Topeka, KS for the last 13 years.  We are very interested in purchasing a smaller MHP +/- 30 pads in the KS or MO area.  We are also interested in self-storage in the same area.  These feel like the new rage now days […]