10 Traits of a Well Rounded Self Storage Manager

Self Storage Units

Today’s storage facility manager is not someone who simply stands behind a counter and mindlessly takes payments and answers phones. These managers need to be able to handle a wide range of duties. These range from having great customer service skills, to the ability to preform maintenance, basic marketing skills. They will also need to generate new leads, close on rentals, and collect payments. In order for a person to be able to excel in all aspects of management, there are traits that you should be looking for.

1. Confidence- Don’t mistake this for snooty or arrogant. A manager should be in the middle ground somewhere. Knowing the facility inside and out, knowing who the competitors are, and getting out into the community will instill the proper kind of confidence. Having confidence in your product will allow you to more effectively sell it and to be able to help identify your customer’s needs.

2. Effective Communication Skills- Your manager is the front-line of your business! Having good communication skills will avoid confusion on your customers part. A manager will good communication skills will allow them to speak and write about your facility in a manner that will raise it up.

3. Revenue-Management Know-How- There will always be algorithms and programs that will help you to know when to raise your rates and what should be cut out of a budget. But having a manager who can perceive these things will go a long way!

4. Superior Time Management Skills- The job of self storage manager is one that will take someone who can manage their time wisely and with the ability to multi-task and prioritize. Imagine if they were found sweeping out a vacant unit while there was a line of customers in the office!

5. A Good Disposition- A “can-do” attitude sure goes a long way! You will want someone with a willingness to work and a happy friendly disposition.

6. A Desire to Keep Learning- A manager who wants to keep learning and trying to be better will make your business thrive! Encourage them to attend conventions and seminars that will equip them to be the best manager that they can be! There are always new technologies and procedure to learn, and your manager keeping up with them is very important.

7. Honesty and Straightforwardness- Unfortunately, honesty is a rare quality these days. In order for someone to feel safe enough to leave their things in your facility, your manager should make them feel at ease and trustworthy.

8. Consistency- You will want to make sure that they aren’t going to be flimsy with your rules! They will need to make sure that rules apply to EVERYONE. Though, they should also not be so rigid that you risk losing a loyal customer. It is a balancing act, but one that is surely worth mastering.

9. Sales Skills- Having a manager who can do more than just sell units is one that will help your facility flourish. If you have other products to offer, they should be comfortable up-selling! Boxes, bubble wrap, humidity remover, and the list can go on! Someone who is adept at this will sell something in addition just by slipping it into the conversation.

10. Knows the Value of a Handshake and a Smile- In business, these two things go hand in hand and are truly so important. With technology taking over so many aspects of life today, the simple act of a handshake and a smile truly go a long way into making your customer feel like family. This will also set you apart from the competition who is just looking to turn some keys.

These qualities in a manager will surely make your business thrive!

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