How Can You Bring More Tech into Your Facility?

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Technology is something that we are all having to learn and adapt to here in 2019. It seems like as soon as we conquer one new kind, it is either updated or replaced! It is imperative, though, that we bring this technology into our facilities. What kind of tech are we talking about? Check out these examples:

  1. Have a Website- And not just any website, it needs to be a decent one! Think of it like this, they wouldn’t want to rent from you if you had a terrible manager, and they won’t want to rent from you if you have a terrible website, either. The customer experience no longer starts when they walk through your door anymore, it begins online. That’s where 70% of your customers are going to find you. It will also be good to note that most of those people who will be checking out your website will be on a mobile device. Make sure your website looks
  2. Text Reminders- Life gets busy, right? Then it only makes sense that people appreciate text reminders when their rent is due or when their lease is due to be resigned. Gone are the days of carrying pocket calendars!
  3. Kiosk- This is like an ATM for self storage. At these customers are actually able to begin a new rental! The machine is equipped to take a scan of their drivers license and fingerprint and begin renting out a space. Why is this beneficial? People can acquire a unit on their own time, allowing your facility to not need to be manned 24/7. And when your manager is there, they can be busy with more security management, marketing, and lead tracking.
  4. Creative Communication- Throughout the day, people are bombarded by text messages, emails, social media notifications, and various ad mediums. Don’t fall into the background in these! Make sure that all communication avenues you take set you apart from the pack. Be unique, and genuine in your communications.
  5. Go Paperless- Gone are the day of having to keep paper files on your customers! There are many different software options ranging from simplistic and straightforward to more complex, almost running the business for your! By doing this, your customers information will not only be safer, but it is less likely to go missing.
  6. Security- This is probably one of the biggest industries in the tech world. Cameras are no longer just linked to a small tv in your office, but you can even have them broadcast right to your cellphone or computer! This allows you to monitor the security of your facility, even when you are not on the property. The benefits of this are truly endless. Not only does great security deter and trouble, but it also allows you to act more quickly if a problem does arise.
  7. Have an App!- Everyone has an app, and you shouldn’t be an exception! Your app should be consistent in theme with your website and the rest of your business. Give your customers the ability to pay their bill on your app, renew their lease, and even have a quick contact button so that they can easily contact you if they need something.
  8. Online Bill Pay- This way of paying bills is so extremely popular that it is considered a serious downside if it is not offered. People have such crazy schedules, it may be difficult for them to get to you during business hours. And on the plus side, they are less likely to cancel their rental if it is set to auto pay, meaning a longer term rental for you!
  9. Cellphone Access- It is a bad day if someone forgets their cellphone at home! Most people keep it at hands reach throughout the day. Doesn’t it make sense, then, to give people the ability to gain access to the facility and perhaps even their unit by just using their cellphone? This might sound a bit far fetched, but people are loving it!
  10. Drone Flyovers- These are GREAT for identifying any maintenance problems without having to trek the entire property! Do flyover of the roof to see if any repairs need to be done. See something suspicious? Send the drone out to investigate! (And a huge bonus is that they are really fun to fly!)

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