Maintenance Factors that Cannot be Overlooked

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The duties of a self storage manager are many! With all that they have on their plates, let’s have a list of 10 maintenance reminders of things that cannot be overlooked.

  1. Spring Cleaning- Winter takes its toll on facilities. It can make them look dirty and unreputable in the spring! Spring cleaning should include checking of the downspouts and gutters, removal of any trash of debris around the property, check for any damage incurred to the facility during the winter, and a generalized clean up. This is a big task, but it is an extremely important one, not only for the visible reasons but for structural ones as well.
  2. Access Keypad- Making sure that this is properly shaded and covered is important for your wallet and for your customers fingers! A melted keypad will only cost you money and make customers angry if they get burned or can’t access their stuff. This keypad is how people get to their things. Make sure it is functioning properly and well taken care of!
  3. Roof Upkeep- Walking the roof regularly will help limit unforeseen damages. Looking for panels that need to be replaced or fixed. If this isn’t done regularly, you risk the consequences or a collapsed roof, leaks, or general deterioration. While up there, be sure to check fasteners. If they show rust or drips, replace them! It is better to replace something a bit earlier than planned than to wait and run into a bigger, more expensive problem later.
  4. Landscaping- Perhaps one of the biggest time consuming! If you decide to keep this task done in house, I suggest keeping a very specific schedule so that nothing goes overlooked. Things that regularly need to be done are upkeep of the lawns, weeding of any gardens, pruning of trees and shrubs. It may seem like having a pretty property is not necessarily on the top of the priority list, but what people see are what will give them their first impression of you!
  5. Doors- The doors of your facility are vital to your business! Keeping them clean and shiny will show how much pride you have in your facility. You should also be sure to keep them properly greased so they don’t cause too much of a ruckus and so they slide nicely. And remember, a fresh coat of paint goes a long way!
  6. Restrooms- Listen, if you have an office at your facility and there is a bathroom that you say is not for customers….they day is bound to come where a desperate mom is going to be standing in front of you with a toddler doing the pee dance and you are going to cave and let them use the facility. Keeping restrooms, even private ones, clean is SO important. This is for your health and for the health of your customers. Don’t be that place with the nasty bathroom!
  7. Kiosk- Facilities with a kiosk need to make sure that there is some protection from the elements. These machines are built to be protected from the elements, but your customers aren’t! If it’s raining, providing them with some cover sure would be nice. If any aspect of the kiosk is defective, replace it immediately. Most companies have warranties on these machines, so that shouldn’t be too much of a pain.
  8. Gate- If your gate isn’t functioning properly, people can’t get access to their items. That is going to make for some unhappy people! Make sure it is properly maintained and greased, free of debris, and working!
  9. Driveways- Get rid of potholes! If they are a reoccurring problem, maybe consider changing the material you are using. There is gravel, asphalt, and concrete. If one of those is constantly failing you, maybe it is time to try something new.
  10. Prepare for Winter- This is such a huge one. Make sure that you have all the tools that will be needed for the season. Don’t be caught off guard without shovels, salt, and sand! Before the season changes, have a decision made to hire out or keep in-house snow removal. This is not something that you will want to get lost in miscommunication! One snowstorm without snow removal will not only be a nightmare for you, but it will leave you with some super upset customers, too. Winter can be a very rough month if you are not fully prepared! Make a list, check it twice, and get it all done!

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