Why Self Storage Will Continue to be Needed

Investing in Commercial Storage Units

Welcome to our next article series. There are so many different things to cover when talking about self storage. For this series, we want to go behind the scenes of ownership and management, talk about some storage tips and tricks, and even tell some humorous stories. Join us below for the first article “Why Self Storage Will Continue to be Needed”.

  1. High Divorce Rate– Not to be a Debbie Downer, but 40%-50% of marriages in the United States end in divorce. This means that someone is having to abruptly move out. Many times, they will not have a place to move right into. They even may spend some time couch surfing! During this time of instability, they are going to NEED a place to keep their things safe.
  2. Marriage– People, on average, are waiting until they are in their late 20’s to get married. This means that when they do, they will be combining two households. No household will have a need for two dining room tables or blenders! Self storage is a great option to house these duplicates until the decision is made on which to keep, or if to start completely from scratch. When the time comes, it’s easy to have a yard sale right from the unit to recoup some money spent on that wedding!
  3. Family Growth– Babies=STUFF! So. Much. Stuff. I remember thinking “How does a person so small need so many things to just get through a single day??” That spare room that you used as an office? Well, say hello to your new nursery. And unfortunately, the baby stuff manages to overflow from that room, so don’t be surprised if some of the other rooms in your house need to have some things put into storage, too.
  4. Death– As heartbreaking as it is to lose someone we love, many times, they leave behind a lifetime of belongings that we will have to sort through. This can be especially trying because our hearts already hurt and going through these things can really stir up emotions and memories. Therefore, many opt to just put things in storage until those wounds heal. This can turn a short term rental into a long term one, because it can be extremely hard to part with these sentimental items.
  5. Ease of Online Shopping & Busy Storefronts– People have a love affair with stuff. Sit in a Walmart parking lot for a little bit and count the number of carts coming out. Now just imagine taking that love of shopping and make it even more convenient by just having to press a button. Voila! It arrives right at the door/ Because of this love of stuff, people shop. Shopping equals stuff. And stuff equals less space. And that is when families begin to need a self storage unit.
  6. College Students– The pressure on students to attend college is so great, that majority will attend secular schooling (66.7% of high school graduates to be exact). When kids go off to college it isn’t uncommon for parents to downsize their housing, or to repurpose that child’s room. This coinciding with having to store things from the dorm during summer break creates a huge storage need for college students!
  7. Millennial’s Love Apartments– This may come a s bit of a shock, but this particular generation is happy with small living. They are NOT going right out an buying homes. They prefer the community, flexibility, convenience, and amenities that apartment living brings. Plus, if they haven’t found where they want to settle down or the “perfect job”, having an apartment makes it much easier to relocate.
  8. Cost of Ownership– It probably won’t come as much of a surprise that a family earning an average income will have a difficult time purchasing a home. Because of this, many have to settle for renting because it is more affordable initially. Many rentals don’t have great storage! There are typically limited closets and lack of a garage, attic, or basement. Because of this, many turn to self storage to house the things they don’t need on a regular basis to free up some floor space within the home.
  9. Home for Sale– If you have ever tried to buy a house, you know how much easier it is to imagine it as yours if it is empty or has minimal from the previous family in it. So when you are selling your home, it is wise to pack up as much as possible to help have a quicker sale. Put things in storage that you don’t need to run your household. Then, when the dotted line is signed, you are that much closer to moving to your new place, too!
  10. Seasonal– If you live in an area that sees a huge change in the seasons, then you know how much space things can take up that are out of season can take. We are talking snow machines, hunting and fishing gear, crafting supplies, gardening and lawn care equipment. The list really just goes on and on. And we have yet to mention holiday décor! Seasonal items can take up SO MUCH SPACE!

So, as you can see from this list, self storage has AT LEAST 10 reasons that self storage is going to continue to be needed in communities!

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