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You Will Learn Every Aspect of Self-Storage Investing:

Why Self-Storage?

Self-storage is one of the most profitable real estate assets in the world. In the United States alone, there are 2.3 BILLION square feet of storage space for rent. And it’s the only real estate asset where you don’t have the problems associated with tenants, toilets, and trash!

Why Learn From Us?

We are widely acknowledged as the leading experts in self storage investing and have packaged three decades of real estate and self storage experience with a plethora of resources to get you started quickly.

How is The Self-Storage Starter Different?

The Self-Storage Starter gives you everything you need to get involved in the lucrative world of self-storage investment, but without the substantial learning curve MOST real estate investment requires.

The Self Storage Starter is an easy-to-use course that let’s you set your own pace AND gives you all the tools you need to learn the self storage industry and get ready to buy your own facility.

Our charter membership is only a fraction of the cost of many “workshops” that don’t give you nearly the same knowledge and tools.

Included in The Self-Storage Starter:

Your Personal Call To Boost Your Storage Venture

Larry Horton will be your instructor each month and has an extensive background that includes investing in both residential and self-storage. His expertise in self-storage lead to him becoming the Asset Manager for Self Storage Investing.

These calls are designed to help guide you through the initial stages of your self-storage investing business. Larry will take you through different topics each month and challenge you to develop and grow your own self-storage business.

Are You Ready To Create Recession Proof Cash Flow in Real Esate Without The Hassles of Tenants, Toilets, and Trash?

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