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Did you know that 69% of American adults use at least one form of social media regularly? As the internet continues to dominate, it is important for you, as a business owner to follow suit when it comes to your marketing. Want to know the best thing about using social media as a marketing platform? It is free and easy to get started! Follow these tips below to get your business a jumpstart on social media.

1: Use Trusted Platforms

Don’t use platforms that are no longer current! Myspace isn’t going to get you any new customers. Use social media that has a large user base. Search engines will place more trust in them and your business is more likely to be seen.

2: Use Engaging Topics

The way that social media distributes information provides you and your potential customers many ways to find each other. The best way to use this to your advantage is by posting relevant things. Every time you get a new “like”, that is creating a ripple effect and more and more people will begin to see your content and your organic impression will grow consistently.

3: Track Your Search Presence

Every single thing that you post will affect your odds of claiming your own stakes in the search results. Each picture, video, blog, and article that you post will be cataloged. The more you have, the more search results you will have and the more likely a searcher will click on one of your results. Also, knowing what comes up on the results will help you identify negative sooner so that you can rectify them with an appropriate solution.

4: Engage!

This is SO important. Post all you want, but social media is supposed to be SOCIAL, not one sided. Respond to people comments, comment of their things. Be engaging and fun. Generate content that will captivate those who follow you and this will in turn help you to captivate that search engine.

5: Post Often!

We aren’t saying be annoying about it, but routine is good. Be consistent. There are even some platforms where you can schedule out posts so that you don’t have to remember each day. Set aside social media day where you preplan your posts!

The internet is a wonderful tool and resource, especially for self storage facilities that are looking to grow but don’t have a huge ad budget. Use this to it’s full potential!

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