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In last weeks article we talked about drive up self-storage facilities and what kind of storage they are good for. This week, I want to chat for a bit about inside access facilities. These facilities are indoor storage units are only accessible through hallways inside of a large building.

When Should You Use an Inside Access Facility?

There are definitely advantages to using this type of units over outdoor storage units. The biggest difference comes into play with security and temperature control. Indoor units are more protective for your possessions because of all the extra walls between your things and the outside. This is also beneficial when it comes to damage from extreme temperature changes. These two reasons alone make indoor self-storage beneficial to the following types of uses:

Small Items- If you aren’t having to transport large heavy items through the hallways, then indoor storage would work for you!

Expensive Items- If you are storing things worth lots of money, you will certainly want the best security possible. Indoor self-storage is what will give you that. With more doors and walls between your things and the outside, the chances of theft are pretty low.

Needing Climate Control- this is WAY more effective when it is inside. Temperature is hard to control when there is nothing more than a door between your space and the elements. In that situation temperature is bound to fluctuate more.

How Accessible Are the Facilities?

Indoor Storage Facilities are usually in large buildings that have many units inside of it. In many cases, these facilities are several stories high. In those cases, you will have to choose if a ground level unit is more important to you or if you don’t mind going up a few floors.

If you have a ground-level unit, expect to high a higher rent! This won’t matter too much to you, though if you have heavy things to carry. The convenience will be well worth the cost!

Since they are less convenient, upper level units are going to be slightly more affordable. If you don’t need to carry heavy things often, or don’t mind the extra exercise, this is a great way to cut the cost.

When Should You Not Use an Inside Access Facility?

There are going to be scenarios where someone would find an indoor storage unit to be beneficial. If an individual is looking to have all the ease of convenience of drive-up access, these are the most common reasons for being better off renting an exterior storage unit.

Large Storage Demands: If you are making a big move or doing some home renovations, you should really consider a drive up facility. They are far easier to gain access to when you have large loads of things to store. Can you imagine lugging all of your belongings through hallways just to store them?

Storing Vehicles: Indoor storage facilities that can accommodate a car, boat, or a motorcycle are few and far between. If you are storing something with a motor, you will no doubt need a facility with drive-up access.

Frequent Access: Do you have a crazy schedule? Or will you need to have access at the drop of a hat? Drive-up access and exterior storage units will give you that freedom you need to gain access to your things! This will certainly make them more convenient in that aspect.

Just like with inside access facilities, there are pros and cons of storing there. It is important that you think about what you need in a facility and make the best choice based on your needs. Don’t be confined by cost! Making the wrong choice could cost you the possessions being stored or lots more foot work on your end.


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